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Melanie Martin, best in show winner, chats with me about what her winning quilt is all about.


Just me this week, practicing my podcasting skills as it's been a little while.  I give you a run down on my summer holiday happenings.  I dyed 25 yards of fabric while I was camping this year so I include a bit about the process of how I hand dye my fabric.


Trisha Downie is the President of Auckland Quilters Guild.  Trisha leans heavily towards mixed media and three dimensional quilting.  She is hugely supportive of new quilters and quilters wanting to move in different directions and I was excited to interview her about all things quilty.  

After the interview you'll hear an update on life aboard and what's going on quilty-wise for me.


Judi Schon is a quilter from Auckland.  Judi is an award winning long-arm quilter, and runs a small business, Quiltsmith, quilting other people's quilts.  Judi is also this year's Convener for the Festival of Quilts, a big job, and I was interested in finding out more about how you go about organising a big quilting event like this.  Judi generously agreed to be interviewed and now I can share this interview with you.  Thanks Judi!


Catherine McDonald, judge at the Festival of Quilts 2014, President of Aotearoa Quilters and director of Distressed Threads, shares her knowledge and insights on all things quilty.


Episode 12 sees me give you an update of what I'm doing, some musings on changing the name of my blog and podcast and what is coming up in later episodes.

My useful and beautiful link this week is

I'm getting back on the horse of podcasting.  A quick boat update and a little bit about my Scrapitude quilts.  Enjoy!


Today I had a morning cup of tea with my good friend, Mathea, who generously didn't bat an eyelid when I whipped out my voice recorder and grilled her about her life and her art quilts.

For show notes visit


Sorry - today I whinge about the weather: gales, rain, floods etc.  But after whining, I give a rundown on my Welcome Swallow quilt-in-progress and I talk about doing a mono printing demonstration.  Just a general catchup really.


Today I give a (not so brief) life update, including a rundown on the boat renovations.  I then talk about what's going on in my quilting world, including how I had to admit defeat and decide not to push through and try and meet my latest quilting deadline.  I also talk about my SAQA donation quilt, my summer postcard swap and other quilty bits and pieces.


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