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Natalie is a quilter, teacher, gardener, cook and many other things besides.  She runs quilt retreats from her home, teaches quilting, writes fun and informative newsletters and is also an Aotearoa Quilters committee member.

Natalie and I talk about the therapeutic value of quilting, about teaching and running retreats, a wonderful fabric camp Natalie attended in the US, Natalie's own quilts, entering quilt shows and much, much more.


The Great NZ Quilt Show was held in Rotorua, May 2016.  During the two days I was there, I managed to record interviews with several interesting people.  This first podcast is a mash together of the small soundbites I got with:  Marion Manson - judge; Catherine McDonald - president of Aotearoa Quilters and owner of Mallee Textiles (merchant at the show); and Valda Sutton - exhibition coordinator. 


I first found Wendy, a New Zealand quilter, through the wonderful pictorial world of Instagram.  Wendy loves colour, loves handwork of all kinds and loves sharing her work with the rest of the world.

I was intrigued with Wendy's millefiori la passacaglia quilt and I contacted her to ask for an interview.  She graciously obliged and we had a good old chat about quilting, colour, hand-piecing and social media.

There is lots of good listening in this interview and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did talking to Wendy.


 I recently recorded a conversation with my good friend, textile artist Mathea Daunheimer.  We chatted about working in a series, combining new techniques with old and staying true to your artist voice.  We also talked about entering shows and gave our top tips for entering quilt shows.


Mary Hawke was the proud winner of Best in Show at the Auckland Festival of Quilts 2015 with her quilt 'Dear Jane'.  A big thank you to Mary who spent half an hour of her time chatting to me about making 'Dear Jane', her love of small blocks, how she gets things done and lots of other quilty goodness.

The interview starts about half way through the audio.  To begin with I give you a run down on what's been happening in my quilting adventures, so if you are only interested in the interview with Mary, skip the first 30 minutes or so.

I travelled to Australia for a family visit and got to see the Sew Crazy Quilters exhibition while I was there.  I interviewed some of the members about their quilts and recorded them for your listening pleasure!  You'll also hear a quick update about what's going on in my quilty life.


This episode is an update on my quilty life and other goings on.  No interviews with other quilters this time, just me.

We've been living aboard a boat for a year now, so I chat about that.  I talk about Opua Arts Studio and Gallery and generally just let you know what quilty things are happening over here in my corner of New Zealand.

Sharon Keightley, of Pine Valley Quilts, is a blogger, quilter and pattern designer.  Sharon adores reproduction and vintage fabrics and she creates beautiful quilt designs that usually incorporate both piecing and appliqué.

Sharon and I talked about the business of pattern writing and selling and how she found her niche.  We discussed her evolution into designing and how her creative process works, along with lots of information on the 'how-tos' as well.

This episode is an interview with Kerry Glen of Tulis Textiles, a web based quilt shop that specialises in batik fabrics, squedge rulers and now branching out into surface design supplies.  Kerry talks about her journey into quilting and importing and selling batiks.  We learn how batiks are made and also about some other Indonesian fabrics.  Kerry has begun holding quilt retreats and we discuss the why and wherefores of getting together groups of like minded people.  And there is much more, so have a listen and enjoy!


This podcast is an interview with my kids.  You'll hear their views and impressions about quilting with some funny and interesting insights from the perspective of quilter's children.






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