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I travelled to Australia for a family visit and got to see the Sew Crazy Quilters exhibition while I was there.  I interviewed some of the members about their quilts and recorded them for your listening pleasure!  You'll also hear a quick update about what's going on in my quilty life.

This episode is an update on my quilty life and other goings on.  No interviews with other quilters this time, just me.

We've been living aboard a boat for a year now, so I chat about that.  I talk about Opua Arts Studio and Gallery and generally just let you know what quilty things are happening over here in my corner of New Zealand.

Sharon Keightley, of Pine Valley Quilts, is a blogger, quilter and pattern designer.  Sharon adores reproduction and vintage fabrics and she creates beautiful quilt designs that usually incorporate both piecing and appliqué.

Sharon and I talked about the business of pattern writing and selling and how she found her niche.  We discussed her evolution into designing and how her creative process works, along with lots of information on the 'how-tos' as well.

This episode is an interview with Kerry Glen of Tulis Textiles, a web based quilt shop that specialises in batik fabrics, squedge rulers and now branching out into surface design supplies.  Kerry talks about her journey into quilting and importing and selling batiks.  We learn how batiks are made and also about some other Indonesian fabrics.  Kerry has begun holding quilt retreats and we discuss the why and wherefores of getting together groups of like minded people.  And there is much more, so have a listen and enjoy!

This podcast is an interview with my kids.  You'll hear their views and impressions about quilting with some funny and interesting insights from the perspective of quilter's children.

This is my last interview from Manawatu Symposium 2015, but definitely NOT my least.  I was so thrilled to talk to Carol Veillon from Quiltmania magazine.  She travelled all the way from France to be a merchant at symposium and was just so lovely to talk to. 

This was a really fun interview!  Helen Godden is an Australian Art Quilter extraordinaire.  When I attended Manawatu Symposium in January, Helen generously agreed to an interview and although it's fairly short and sweet, it's packed full of info and interesting conversation.

Kerryn and I spent some time chatting about her quilt store, The Country Yard, how it came to be, what it means to be a quilt shop owner and what she is planning for the store. 

Sue Benner is a Texan textile artist who attended the Manawatu Quilt Symposium as a tutor.  I attended one of Sue's classes and learnt a ton and I also had the privilege of interviewing Sue.  I hope you enjoy listening.

Helen Pedersen was the brave lady who put her hand up to organise the tutors for Quilt Symposium Manawatu 2015.  I wanted to chat with her about how you go about finding, contracting and organising about 40 national and international tutors for five days of classes.  Helen was generous with her time and knowledge and I think you'll find it interesting to listen to how it all worked.

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